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About Us

For years, Burundi did not have a company that could produce sterilized milk conservable for 6 months without using a refrigerator.The Modern Dairy Burundi-MDB company came as a solution to this problem.

Created in February 2014, with the mission of producing a high quality milk called “UHT” (Ultra High Temperature) and its derivatives, Modern Dairy Burundi is the leading company on the Burundian dairy market and brings its know-how in milk processing while Relying on the Government’s programs to increase dairy production in the short term.



UHT Milk “NATURA” is a sterilized cow’s milk, well controlled and having undergone UHT (Operation and Homogenization) heat treatment and packaged in aseptic packaging.

UHT milk “NATURA” keeps all the nutrients essential to our body.


If you are interested in becaming an authorised distributor please contact us on +257 22 23 72 38


Our Factory

At Modern Dairy  we have only one focus. Yes, we supply high-quality milk that is fresh to the last drop. That is our job. But our aim is to turn your daily supply of fresh milk and dairy products into a joyful necessity. Milk and other dairy products are a staple in most homes, from breakfast to cooking and baking and that last glass of milk before bedtime.

What Students Say



I Enjoy Natura everyday!

I recommend Natura products to everyone, my favorite being Vanilla Yogurt, it is of high quality.

Frank Tumwekwase

Manager Buja Fm

Fantastic Milk!

I am big fun of these products luckily for me they are available everywhere!

Lwasa Andrew

Graghics Designer

Fantastic Products!

I am completely satisfied with the level of quality that these products have.

Lydia Kambera

Manager Future Media