About Us

For years, Burundi did not have a company that could produce sterilized milk conservable for 6 months without using a refrigerator. 2009 – 2017 : 50,000 cows were introduced in Burundi through IFAD programs.

The Modern Dairy Burundi-MDB company came as a solution to this problem.

Created in February 2014, with the mission of producing a high quality milk called “UHT” (Ultra High Temperature) and its derivatives, Modern Dairy Burundi is the leading company on the Burundian dairy market and brings its know-how in milk processing while Relying on the Government’s programs to increase dairy production in the short term.


Why Natura


We produce the best milk and assorted products in Burundi, our quality is there for all to see

Our Mission


Since February 2014,our mission has been  producing a high quality milk called “UHT”  and its derivatives.

Our Visions


Our vision is end the importation of Milk in Burundi by the end of 2020, Burundian have to consume high quality milk produced locally